After the success in 2018, with top vikings finishing 3rd and 4th overall, Team Vikings is again ready for a new season of SimRacing Grand Prix! 11 vikings have prepared their virtual Porsche 911 Cup cars for this Norwegian top event. The series seems to be the highest level of motorsport competition in Norwegian history, simracing and real life racing included!

The team's ambitions are most importantly to present ourselves as a strong team, that engages in fair fights on the track. Fair play always wins!

Our goal is of course to have as many of our vikings within top 15. On a good day, any of the vikings are good enough for that! Additionally, we wish to challenge for the podium again in each individual race!

Pre qualification for the first race is finished, and shows a good start for Team Vikings, with no less than 4 drivers in the top 10!

The vikings:

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