Team Vikings is a proud Nordic Sim Racing team, founded July 1st 2016 by Tom Gregoriussen and Erik A Nordby. The team only accept drivers from the Nordic countries (Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway). Team Vikings races exclusively on iRacing, and focuses on team racing.

Our team is about endurance racing and team work. Preparing together for team leagues, team series and one off team events. Depending on what suits each member, this may be done in a professional way, with planning, discussing strategy and practicing together well in advance, or in a more pickup fashion for those more limited on time.

The team has always accepted members of varying iRatings. We are more about mentality and improvement. This means that many may find team mates of similar levels. Within the team, expect to find members with great knowledge of simracing hardware, also expect to find a few setup geniuses. Other members contribute with good mood, insight into strategy, or driving skills. Team Vikings has a good mix of qualities!

Clean driving and being respected by our competitors is a clear goal for us, and we hope we succeed with that!